Branding for Interior Designer

The stationery set was created for a Swedish interior designer. The artist’s specialisation – residential villas in Australia.

Brochure Design

The brief was to create a memorable brochure for personal promotion and design exhibitions using client’s illustrations. 

Our final point was to create a playful brochure that would be noticed among other artist’s advertising and catch attention of a potential client. 

The goal was to get a feeling of creativity and playfulness from process of folding paper. The movement is associated with opening and closing window blinds (that are used quite often in interior). Black and grey colors transfers urban style and concrete color that prevails in designer’s style. And clean Sans Serif font supports the same theme.

Business Card 

Design of the business card and the whole set is very minimalistic and clean. Concrete texture is the client’s most favourite material. Therefore it prevails in the design .

Stationery Set

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